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      AcademIQ Tutoring has built up an extensive knowledge of assessment requirements for students in Canada.

      Students work on our assessments to indicate their level to their peers and to identify suggested areas to work on.

      Parents seek academic assessment for their children to determine their strengths and weakness.

      Our assessment is used to identify a suitable tutor that will suit a child's learning style, personality, and academic aims.

      A typical assessment takes 1.5 hours in which the child will be asked to complete a set of tasks to determine his or her current abilities and academic potential. A written report will be provided with the results of the assessment and a plan to achieve very fast results.

     Administration Dates:

     School Year 2019–2020

Primary-Division and Junior-Division Assessments of Reading, Writing, and Mathematics

  • Tuesday, May 19, to Monday, June 1, 2020

Grade 9 Assessment of Mathematics

  • Tuesday, June 2, to Monday, June 15, 2020:
    Second-semester or full-year applied or academic mathematics course

EQAO Gr.3,6,9

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