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    AcadenIQ Tutoring  offer a range a TEST PREP Packages design  to ensure that the students are prepared for test day.

     Our flexible packages combine our industry-leading Assesment Tests to build up the required knowledge and deep understanding of the test content.

     Our individual tuition is the most focused way to prepare our students for EQAO, OSLLT and entrance tests for Private Schools.

      Using our diagnostic tools and bespoke test materials, we are able to identify those areas where you need to concentrate the most, building up your foundation of verbal and quantitative skills in the different areas where the text requires. Once you've mastered these, we'll focus on test technique, looking out how to put these skills into practice and focusing on question types and timed practice.

       Our tutors are not just knowledgeable, they are selected for their ability to communicate and motivate, ensuring that the lessons are inspiring and fun.

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