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Meet Katerina: Director and STEM Tutor


Hello, I'm Katerina, and I am more than just your average tutor. I bring a wealth of knowledge and a deep passion for education to our tutoring company. With over five years of tutoring experience, I've had the privilege of working with students from all grades and backgrounds. My journey as a tutor has allowed me to apply different teaching strategies tailored to students' unique learning habits and styles.

My own academic journey has been a thrilling adventure, culminating in both a bachelor's and a master's degree in Astrophysics. My fascination with the universe, its mysteries, and the beauty of mathematics and science led me to pursue these degrees. This academic experience has equipped me with a unique perspective, enabling me to bridge the gap between complex concepts and the diverse learning needs of my students.

I firmly believe that education is the most powerful investment one can make in themselves. It's a journey of self-discovery, growth, and empowerment. As the director and tutor of our program, my commitment is to nurture this belief in every student we serve.

Our tutoring business is unique because our tutors are professionals in their teaching subjects and have years of classroom and private learning environment experience. We offer both in-person and online tutoring options to create a stressless, safe, and convenient space for learning.

As a tutor, I embody qualities such as patience, care, and a genuine desire to help students succeed with their academic goals. I understand that learning can sometimes be a challenging journey, but I'm here to provide unwavering support. My mission as the lead tutor and director is to ensure that our tutoring company becomes a guiding light for students on their educational journeys. Your success is my ultimate goal.


Ready to embark on a journey of discovery together? Let's explore the wonders of the universe through education.

Meet Maggie: French and English Tutor


Hello, I’m Maggie, I have a BA in French Studies and two bilingual certificates. I bring the enchanting world of languages to life at AcademicIQ for eager learners. With a passion for teaching and a talent for language, I create a vibrant and immersive learning experience that transcends the confines of a classroom. My patience and dedication are unwavering, ensuring that each student feels valued and supported on their journey to mastering speaking, reading, and writing. Through engaging lessons, cultural insights, and personalized guidance, I not only impart the intricacies of grammar and vocabulary but also instill a profound appreciation for the rich tapestry of linguistic culture.


What students say...

Headshot Young Man

Derek, gr-12

Thank you so much for your guidance, support and advice. I felt far more confident going into exam today than I would have done without tutoring with you, and I've learnt so much, both in essay writing and approaching texts.  I've really enjoyed our sessions, but I also feel like my general understanding and love of literature has been enhanced through discussing and exploring texts with you - so thank you!.

Interested Student

Vanessa, gr-5

Thank you for all your help about  reading comprehension and Math!

My teacher was very impressed with the  huge improvement I made in school. Now I am more confident to raise my hand in class and it's fun to do my homework. I am more smarter  because I enjoy reading a lot!

Boy's Portrait

Mateo. gr-3

This year everything’s been A-plus,

AcademIQ Tutoring helps me with my homework in Math  and things I don’t understand. Now I enjoy math because I have FUN!”

What parents say...

Smiling Woman


My daughter never struggled in high school until last year in AP Calculus.

With college scholarship and admissions on line, my daughter needed to excel in her exams. When she joined AcademIQ Tutoring she had 65% in the class. She was able to pull her grade up to a 92% within a few months of tutoring. My daughter was accepted to Quinn University. Thank you AcademIQ for your guidance and help!

Portrait of Smiling Man


AcademIQ turors are outstanding. They are knowledgeable tutors who know how to assist students so that they are capable of reaching their full potential. I am pleased that they were flexible with the tutoring schedule and our sports activities. Both of my children had achieved amazing results in Math and English. 

Smiling Mature Woman


My three children have had great success with the tutoring that they've received at AcademIQ Tutoring.I was tired of the nightly homework frustration and struggle that had go on for too long in our house.We noticed very quickly since attending AcademIQ, that their confidence started to grow. The kids flourished accademicallu and now we had peaceful family nights.

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