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Our chemistry program for elementary and high school students is a dynamic learning journey into the fascinating world of atoms, molecules, and chemical reactions. Our dedicated instructors foster a deep appreciation for the wonders of chemistry by making complex concepts accessible and engaging. From introducing the periodic table to exploring chemical reactions and experiments, we provide a hands-on approach that sparks curiosity and scientific inquiry. Whether your child is beginning their chemistry journey or seeking advanced knowledge, our program is tailored to their needs. Join us in exploring the mysteries of the elements and compounds, and ignite a lifelong passion for scientific discovery in the realm of chemistry.

Grades 1-8

Introduction to Chemistry:

  • Exploring the world of matter and substances

  • Understanding the importance of safety in the lab

The Periodic Table:

  • Introduction to elements and their symbols

  • Basic understanding of atomic structure

States of Matter:

  • Differentiating between solids, liquids, and gases

  • Changes of state

Chemical Reactions:

  • Observing and understanding simple chemical reactions

  • Identifying reactants and products

Mixtures and Solutions:

  • Learning about mixtures and their components

Acids and Bases:

  • Introduction to acids and bases

High School 
Grades 9-12

Chemical Bonding:

  • Understanding chemical bonds

  • Molecular structure and polarity

Chemical Equations and Stoichiometry:

  • Balancing chemical equations

  • Stoichiometric calculations

Chemical Kinetics:

  • Rates of chemical reactions

  • Factors affecting reaction rates

Chemical Thermodynamics:

  • Heat, energy, and enthalpy in chemical reactions

  • Spontaneity and entropy

Acids and Bases:

  • Properties of acids and bases

  • pH scale and calculations

Organic Chemistry:

  • Introduction to organic compounds

  • Hydrocarbons and functional groups

“Science is but an image of the truth.”
- Rosalind Franklin, chemist

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